We live in a world full of hustle and bustle and it seems everyone has so many hats to wear on a daily basis. The importance of creating boundaries with time management are essential is to maintaining a positive mental health. Our plates can become quite full that they overflow and it begins to trigger health concerns like stress, anxiety, sleep issues and exhaustion. Let’s explore ways  to clean our plate.

  1.  Purchase a planner to lay out your day,      week, month
  2.  Purchase a dry erase calendar board for your household, you can color code each person and list events, chores, etc. There are also several family scheduling apps that would also be helpful.
  3. Create a time in your week like an appointment for just yourself..quiet time, gym, walking, reading, etc
  4. Learn to evaluate what gets added to your plate and when to say no.
  5. Remove from your plate obligations where you feel overextended and overwhelmed.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

On a personal note, I am a full time counselor, wife, mom and those are just three hats I wear. I have had to learn to use the techniques I mention above to clean my own plate. I have learned that self-care is so essential to maintaining a positive mental health.


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