9 Healthy Coping Skills to Deal with Heartbreak 

1. Crying is a healthy release because holding all those emotions in is not healthy. Crying is a key trigger in the release of endorphins which are the bodies natural pain killer and feel good hormones. Tears can also detoxify the body and improve mood.

2.  Journaling feelings can be very beneficial because it allows your feeling to have a safe place. 

3.  Boundaries with ex: no social media stalking, block him on all devices, limit all contact

4. Focus your energy on a healthy outlet, hobby, exercise, friends. Exercise is an excellent de stressor because it releases various chemicals like endorphins that help with improving mood. It also delivers oxygen through your body that provides energy and you will sleep better

5. Make an appointment with a counselor to process your emotions

6.  Focus on rebuilding your self. Expose yourself to new people, challenges and experiences.

7.  Fill your life with positive people, music, books, movies, podcasts.

8. Volunteer-allows you to focus outward instead of inward,

9. Do not isolate.


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