Psychology Today published a great article about “How to Handle Difficult People” the article stressed four key points:

  1. Control your exposure to the difficult person
  2. Manage how you react to the person
  3. Don’t explain yourself
  4. Avoid them

As a licensed professional counselor, it is an essential part of my profession to educate individuals how to create boundaries in managing toxic people in their lives. Remember toxic people cause drama, do not show respect for you, are demanding and can be aggressive. Toxic people may exhibit outbursts to feed their need for drama and attention. They also thrive on gossip and rumors. They are self-centered and only have interest in their own needs and ways of doing things. If there is someone in your life that literally drains the energy from you then that person may have toxic qualities. 

Many toxic people may not be aware of there behavior, therefore help is also available for them with professional counselor.

If you are in need of help with managing a toxic person in your life please click here to set up an appointment.

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