Social Media is an extremely powerful tool if utilized in a positive way. The major benefits of social media include: communicating wide spread messages, networking and keeping in touch with friends and family.  The issues happen when what you see and read on social media  affect your mindset in a negative way.  The click like culture is part of our norm in society now. Some people post every part of their life online in hopes of: validation, approval and  attention. However, if their post doesn’t receive any likes or comments then it can deeply affect their feelings, emotions and at times mental health.  I have had people express how it even effects their self esteem because their post didn’t get enough likes.  It is important not to allow it to affect how you feel about yourself and remember social media does not determine your self worth.

It is important to safe guard our mental health when using social media. People express themselves using social media and allowing the person to do so without it affecting you in a negative manner is important.  Each person is entitled to express themselves but if it impacts you negatively then it’s time to set boundaries. For example, hiding the person’s posts from your timeline, limiting your time on social media, focusing on positive and uplifting posts. 

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