Many times a parent can become so involved with the emotions there teen is experiencing. It is important for a parent to stay calm, listen and not respond to quickly.  Here are some ways to manage teem drama in your household.

Establish Boundaries

  1. Set appropriate boundaries, remember you are the parent first not there friend.
  2. Remind them of their tone and the way they are speaking to you. Parents deserve the respect of there teen no matter how upset the teen is at the particular situation.
  3. Hold the teen accountable to there words and actions. Remind them that we do not choose how people treat us but we do choose how we react and treat them.

 Steps to Handling Teen Drama

  • Keep your head clear so you can be the support and guidance with your teen. Parents can help the teen to navigate through the emotions associated with the drama.
  • According to psychologists, much of the overwhelming emotions displayed by teen can be made worse if the parents indulge in the emotions too quickly.
  • Keeping your emotions in check requires a parent to remain calm in the midst of the of their teen’s overwhelming emotions.Tip: Researchers have found that taking deep breaths provides oxygen to the brain and helps stress levels to decrease.
  • Don’t be defensive, many times teenagers will act out in anger and say things they don’t mean that can be quite hurtful. Sometimes parents fall into the trap of becoming defensive and saying things they don’t mean out of anger. It is important to stay mindful of your words while helping your teen persevere through her intense emotions.
  • It is important to validate your teen’s emotions and show compassion. However, it is also vital to teach him or her how to manage their emotions and empower the teen to handle the issues without the emotional involvement.
  • If you do want to put things in perspective for your teen remind them that while things might be stressful now, they will get better in the future. However, be cognizant of belittling the social situations because you want the teen to feel comfortable talking with you.
  • One of the biggest challenges to the parent-teen relationship through these trying times is communication. It can seem like you are speaking different languages. The key to great communication is being good at listening to what others are saying to you. To ensure you stay on the same page, make time to listen to what your teen has to say.
  • A key to good listening is to empathize with the person. You can empathize with your teen and still guide the teen through the drama.


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